Los Gatos, CA

The design of Manresa Restaurant is inspired by the natural beauty of the Santa Cruz mountains and the Pacific ocean where most of Manresa’s ingredients are harvested daily. The color palette is a mixture of driftwood, wet sand and fog. Warmly lit glass chandeliers, a mother of pearl back bar, and laminated linen glass screens add contrast and sparkle.

When visiting Manresa, the guest is drawn through the garden to the entry which is set back, creating a visual and experiential buffer from the street. The new entry, taller than it is wide or deep, features a whimsical handmade glass chandelier which can be glimpsed from afar. Upon entering, guests are invited to the new bar and lounge which separates the intimate remodeled dining room and the dramatic new dining room. From the lounge one can relax on the plush custom bench, enjoy watching the bartender create artisan drinks behind the sculpted bar, and view tree tops in the night sky through the clerestory windows. The dining rooms were designed with muted walls and floor so that the focus becomes the strategically lit table tops and luminous accents. As a result, the atmosphere of the updated space enhances the innovative beauty and sophistication of the food served.

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